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Ricky Hatton denies drink or drugs problem

source: Agence France-Presse

Former world boxing champion Ricky Hatton blames his downhall on depression, blackouts and the defeat that ended his career, but denies he has drug and drink problems.

Speaking to the News of the World on a break from The Priory clinic, Hatton said: "I have let everyone down, but the cocaine had no effect on me."

The boxer, who was pictured by the newspaper last week snorting seven lines of cocaine in a hotel during a drinking binge, said in the interview: "I'm so angry I could knock myself out.

"I'm disgusted at myself for what I have done. I've had a wonderful career and am furious that I have tarnished it."

However Hatton, whose treatment at The Priory clinic is for depression, also said: "I'm not the slightest bit worried about the cocaine. Problem? What problem?"

He said his drinking is not an issue either, after confessing to downing nearly 50 pints of Guinness a week.

"You would associate alcoholism with shorts like whisky and vodka - but I have never really had that," the News of the World quotes him as saying.

Hatton, 31, a former two-times world light-welterweight and welterweight champion nicknamed The Hitman, blames his predicament on blackouts, panic attacks and depression following a humiliating second-round knockout by Filipino fighter Manny Pacquiao which ended his career, the newspaper said.

He said he has no memory of the night when the News of the World's pictures were obtained.

"When was that? I honestly had no memory of that night because when I have been drinking I have been having blackouts."

But Hatton - now facing investigation by Greater Manchester Police and the British Boxing Board of Control - reckons the drug would have had little or no affect on him.

"I have dabbled with the drug on a few sparing occasions," he told the newspaper. "The only time I have ever done it is when I have been so depressed or drunk that it's a case of, 'Go on then'."

When asked if he can remember how many "sparing" occasions he snorted it, Hatton jabs back: "It's not hard to get hold of and because of the depression I have been drinking more.


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