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Organizers offer Philippines to host Suzuki Cup 2014

By Josef T. Ramos, Correspondent

THE Philippine Football Federation (PFF) revealed on Monday that the organizers of the Suzuki Cup are offering the Philippines to host the prestigious event in 2014.

Based on the successful staging of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup on February 7 in Bacolod City, Ian Mathie, vice president of the World Sports Group said they are very much in favor of holding the event in the country.

PFF President Mariano Araneta after confirming the report, said, “Hosting will not only be an honor but it will show the world that we have arrived as a footballing nation. With solid crowd support, who knows what our national team can achieve?”

The Suzuki Cup organizers faxed the letter of invitation to the PFF on February 23.

In the letter, Mathie emphasized that the Philippines must follow a strict criteria to qualify or be selected as next potential host country of the biennial meet. He said they are willing to help the Philippines to find a suitable stadium for the event.

“Not only is [the Suzuki Cup] it Southeast Asia’s premier football event, it is also the standard bearer for all sporting events in the region. We are willing to assist the PFF in identifying a suitable stadium that will undoubtedly require upgrades and renovations to meet the aforementioned criteria,” a part of the letter reads.

Araneta said the PFF is studying the potential of a 4.5-hectare field in Parañaque City as training ground of the country’s football team.

The property is donated by Brother Mike Velarde of the religious group El Shaddai.

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