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Proud Mayorga surrendered to Resilient Cotto

By: Pow Salud 
The Nicaraguan boxer isn’t talking much now after losing to Miguel Cotto.

Before and during the match you will notice that the ever colourful and intimidating Nicaraguan boxer always finds his ways to bully and taunt his opponents, his antics and trash talking create some hype and makes the fight a little more interesting.

This type of act will land him a promotional job after his boxing stint but could not win him the fight. He is much like his promoter Don King who was never shy and never at loss of words.

Mayorga has always been like this, but this time his opponent Miguel Cotto does not really talk back, instead Miguel Cotto proved himself inside the ring by focusing on the fight and winning it.

Miguel Cotto the champion from Puerto Rico proves to all the boxing fans out there that his focus and composure won him the fight and that Ricardo Mayorga is a no better man.

Just like the name of the event, the fight was relentless and entertaining, personally I did not except the fight to go as far as 12 rounds but to my surprise both fighters are still slugging it out until the last few minutes of the 12 rounds.

During this time the fight looks like it can still go both ways until Cotto connected with a solid punch and Mayorga appeared to have injured his hand which knocked him down to his knee. This was a clear knock down, but the proud Mayorga refused to give up and tried to shrug it off.

He continues with the fight but Miguel Cotto never stopped the attack until Ricardo Mayorga couldn’t take it anymore and was forced to surrender.

Kudos to Ricardo Mayorga for putting up a good fight but this loss will hurt the most than the injury that he might have had gotten.

The night and a moment that belonged to Miguel Cotto who has not only retained the championship belt but also proved to himself that he still got what it takes to win consecutive fights and to be a top man in boxing. 


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