Singwancha Teeparith defeats Francisco, becomes new interim WBA champion

Drian Francisco vs Tepparith Singwancha video?

PHETCHABURI, Thailand -- Thai super flyweight fighter Tepparith Singwancha clearly defeated Filipino Drian Francisco by unanimous desicion to become the new WBA super flyweight interim world champion on Sunday (May 1st) in Phetchaburi, Thailand.

The 22-years-old Singwancha, a former Muay Thai fighter and current PABA flyweight champ in his first fight as a super flyweight was the more aggressive fighter, firing the best artillery during the twelve chapters of the war.

In round 2, Teeparith Singwancha dished out a powerful and accurate combination that sent the Filipino to the canvas. Francisco fell into his own corner and received the count of experienced judge Rafael Ramos of Puerto Rico.

In that instance of the knockdown, the dizzy Filipino got close to losing his title by KO right there in the second round. But Singwancha could not finish him off. Francisco did survive the round and eventually finish the battle. This was certainly the brightest moment for the Thai.

In contrast, Francisco was never able to mount an offensive of the same significance. The desire for glory and the combative thrust of the young Thai was evident and were already taking their toll on the Filipino who really had no major weapons to control his foe's combative spirit.

Simply, Singwancha was more aggressive and effective in his attacks and more orderly as the fighing style of Francisco lacked elegance and orthodoxy. Equally important were the blows to the midsection launched by the now champion Teeparith Singwancha (16-2, 10KO's) which robbed stamina from the Batangas-based fighter.

At one point of the action, a straight right thrown by the Thai crashed into the the midsection of te Pinoy. And Francisco complained to the third man Rafael Ramos that the blow was illegal.

But the famous Puerto Rican official, who in his youth was a military boxer in the U.S. army team, did not buy it. With a look and assertive voice and a commanding gesture, the referee, who was born in "La Isla del Encanto" ordered as if he were still in the army: "Box!"

In conclusion, the fall in the second round of Filipino, coupled with the increased thrust of the Thai during the championship rounds, were the two crucial factors for the victory of the now interim world champion Teeparith Singwancha.

And his victory was even sweeter for him because it was reached here in his own Kingdom of Thailand during a Labor's day holiday decreed by the government of Thailand . This triumph of the Thai was seen by thousands at their homes in Thailand on Channel 7 and in the Philippines on Solar Sports.

Concerning the future of the new interim super flyweight champion, Mr. Nicolas Omatihkul, vice president of Kokiet Group, confirmed that "no options are signed with anyone. They (the managers Francisco) did not want options. And for us a rematch is not interesting. We must find other opponents with populiar fighters, fight the best super flyweights wherever they are, here in our Kingdom of Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Panama or any country. We are here to battle the bravest."

Elmer Anuran, Drian Francisco's manager said that "I think Hugo Cazares is afraid of Drian Francisco. The Mexican is avoiding us. So I'll have to push the WBA to proceed with a bidding there in Panama in order to make the unification of the WBA super flyweight title between my fighter Drian Francisco and Mexican Cazares. The fans want this fight. We can not wait any longer."

Those plans of Anuran to fight Mexican Hugo Cazares now seem distant.

For his part, the matchmaker of this fight, Filipino Brico Santig commented that "in the ring is where you decide the fate and future. That's how boxing is. We all thought that Francisco would be a better fighter today, but you saw he was not as I expected. It's disappointing. To me, those blows to the midsection were hard on Drian. Plus, the knock down took points. Drian finished the fight really tired."

The official scorecards from the WBA's neutral judges were: judge Takeshi Shimakawa of Tokyo 117-111, Francisco Martinez of New Zealand 114-113 and Raul Caiz Jr. of California 114-113, all in favor for the new WBA interim super flyweight world champion Teeparith Singwancha. The supervisor of the fight for the WBA was Mr. Alan Kim of Korea.

The fight card in Phetchaburi was organized by Kokiet Group Boxing Promotions of young and enthusiastic boxing patron Mr. Kokiet Panichayarom.



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