by Pow Salud Floyd Mayweather Jr the Perfect Opportunist!

 Floyd Mayweather Jr KO Ortiz

When Opportunity knocks! Floyd Mayweather Jr KO Victor Ortiz!

Floyd Mayweather Jr is the Perfect Opportunist of boxing. Forget "Money", the Opportunist should be his new monicker. Have you seen his recent fight? Whether you do or you don't you certainly heard about what happened. Boxing Superstar Floyd gave fans something to talk about even after his bout. Amazing!

Floyd Mayweather Jr maintained his unblemished record and beat Victor Ortiz in a surprising fashion, yes surprise! surprise! the same exact feeling of Victor Ortiz after he felt those punches that brought him down in round 4. To make the story short, the ever opportunistic Floyd threw a sneaky shot while victor hands is still down after apologizing for the headbutt. Victor got tagged twice, Victor drop and never beat the count. The end! That is it! Disappointing for the fans, I guess rewarding for Floyd. But If I am a boxer I would not feel any better winning that way, its very ungentlemanly and like what other would say its dirty. 

Leading to this fight a lot of fans were expecting Fire Power in Star Power instead fans were left unsatisfied and maybe even asking themselves, What the heck happen? Heck I ask my self why did I even bother watching it live on PPV, nah! did not watch it on PPV.

To be fair with Floyd, he did came out fighting and He was doing really good. The early rounds was exciting as the two fighters exchange blows. Floyd appears to be on top, as he connected more clean shots chipping some points and softening Ortiz. Until the dreaded 4th round.

4th Round, Victor Ortiz appears to be gaining some momentum as he charge Floyd with some heavy combination which back Mayweather to the rope, Floyd defense are tested and the frustrated Victor Ortiz resorted to dirty tactic and attempted a headbutt that started the end of the bout. Victor missed and he was deducted a point. Victor apologized for the incident and the quick thinking Floyd took advantage at the situation.

Floyd got some cheers, got some boos! but ultimately got the championship. Its legal and like what Floyd said after the bout "you got to protect yourself at all times". Oh yeah I apologize for criticizing Floyd. Oops my guard! cant bring it down. I already learned from Victor's Mistake.

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