Darn! NBA lockout I have nothing to blog about!

I complain as if I am really writing articles for the NBA or other sports, ha ha ha! I am not a real writer.

Blogging is graffiti with punctuation mark!, I heard this once in a movie and frankly I liked the saying. My blog does not really reach a lot of people yet like I intend it to, so what am I worrying about?

Oh well forget about it, I guess I am just pretending to be a real good writer with lots of followers, but no matter what I write, or no matter how wrong the grammar, punctuations, spelling of my post there is really no one out there that can stop me from writing what I feel and what I want! right? tell me I am right?! oops! except when Zuffa sent me an email stating that I should stop posting pictures and videos of  the UFC. Sh!t I am wrong again. Its ok I was not really writing my own article about UFC but illegally posting their videos here and they don't like it. I hate you Dana White!

Lets forget about the first few paragraphs though because this post is about the NBA lockout issue. I like basketball especially NBA yes NBA! oh don't give me those patriotic crap, I support our own local league too but quite frankly the Philippine Basketball Association is not quite the same as before and NBA is more level higher than the PBA, I will not go to that issue today. 

Its easier to find videos and highlights of the NBA which make blogging about the NBA easy until the dreaded NBA lockout and now I am drained with few things to blog about, all I am left of are the usual exhibition games updates, players playing outside US, players twittering and that is very lame. I want to post more videos and talk about the games but its still far from happening as players and owners still cant bridge their differences. grrr!

Here is my point of view about the NBA lockout.

Its simple players should give in to the owners after all the owners are the boss and players are just the employees. Its true that with out the players especially the likes of Lebron and Kobe the NBA will not be as popular or lucrative but they are forgetting the fact that with out the NBA they would not have the big stage to showcase their skills that made them as popular and rich as they are now. So its only right that the owner gets the bigger share of the revenue and if the players don't agree to that then my suggestion to them is to start their own league, good luck to that. I see some eyebrow raising and if you continue to read this I may see your comment below telling me to f%ck off. Your welcome to do just that but remember to always smile. NBA lock out sucks!