David Beckham, Galaxy vs Azkals in the Philippines?

David Beckham  in the Philippines? Not a big deal really! and don't you believe it because it might be another publicity by the Philippines soccer team so that they can promote their games. 

For the none hardcore fans, the Azkals are continuously playing and they are out there somewhere in fact they are scheduled to go to Jakarta, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia from late-November to early-December.

So how are they able to squeeze the Galaxy game in schedule, Well I guess a friendly game against the top team of the US Major league  Soccer is enough for them to postponed or rearrange their schedule because frankly they need more publicity and financial boost.

The Azkals popularity skyrocketed in the Philippines when they started turning heads and winning some important games and beating perennial football clubs in Asia. Anyways as much as I like the Azkals and I want to believe that this event is going to happen I doubt it, but who knows? Team official Ace Bright hinted at this possible dream match when he tweeted, "LA Galaxy and Azkals, dec 4 rizal stadium, Yeah yeah !, what happen to the Real Madrid plans and now they have this. Oh well, Go Azkals and hopefully I help you publicized the exhibition game and if it did happen, I will definitely watch it.   

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