Kobe Bryant already lost, Lakers domination over?

Who would not like Kobe Bryant of the Lakers? An All Star, a MVP, a Champion, a great endorser and one of the best basketball player in the world. 

He got it all, but during this time it seems like Kobe is loosing some of his charm. He lost some key people that could change the course of his life and career this season.

1. Phil Jackson - Old story but loosing Phil Jackson will make a big difference in the Lakers game and trust me on this, it will be a different Lakers team this season. Sure they may still be a good team with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom on the roster, oh wait let me back it up a little, Lamar Odom is gone. See what I mean?

2. Lamar Odom - An essential member and a foundation of the Lakers team was traded to Dallas Mavericks for nothing, well actually for money and a first round draft pick, what a deal! Trying to free up some space to get Chris Paul or Dwight Howard to the Lakers seems like a good idea but they failed to do it. Sorry Lakers. Obviously Kobe Bryant was upset that Lamar Odom was traded and could he be more upset that they did not get Chris Paul? With out Lamar Odom and Phil Jackson,  who knows how the Lakers will play out this season.

3. Chris Paul - Well in the first place they never had him so nothing to be upset here, Really? 

4. Wifey - I hate this part but I have to include it in this article as I feel it will play a big part in Kobe's life. If you haven't heard the news, Kobe's wife filed a divorced because apparently Kobe is unfaithful to her, oh that's not true ask Kobe himself? come on wifey give Kobe a break not a break up.

5. Whats Next? - Playoff, Championship? 

A trying times for Kobe. To all Lakers fans this article is not intended to make fun of Kobe and the Lakers as I also like him and the Lakers however I like the Celtics more. Go Celtics!
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