Brandon Rios vs Richard Abril heated press

Brandon Rios vs Richard Abril, This was not the fight yet but these guys could not resist putting their hands against each other. In a Los Angeles Press conference for their fight on April 14, Brandon Rios and Richard Abril once again put up a show and its almost a fight. I cant wait to see this fight. 

Brandon Rios words:

‘No unheard of fighter like Abril will ever beat me,’ said Rios. ‘In the boxing world Abril is in the darkness and I plan to keep him there. I haven’t forgotten what he did to me in Miami. He’s going to pay big-time for that.

‘At least this time we have an opponent, last time I was here by myself, this time Richard Abril is here. He’s not Gamboa but still I’m ready, April 14 the WBA lightweight champion will be ‘Bam Bam’ Brandon Rios.’

Brandon Rios vs Richard Abril heated press 

Lady reporter tries to hold Rios could not stop him, LOL

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