Funny - Not the Kobe that we used to know

I believe that the Lakers is still one of the toughest team in the NBA, hey they got in this year playoffs right, well at least. Personally I know a lot of fan of the Lakers and Kobe Bryant and I am sure that they very disappointed with the Lakers lost the the Oklahoma Thunders. They should be more upset because Kobe really ain't the Kobe that we used to know.

Kobe is a great player, MVP, Championship what more can you ask for but this season and the last year Kobe isn't really the Kobe that we used to know well just ask the Lakers fan who did this video. I think its very funny and its quite true.

One downtrodden-looking fan has taken it upon himself to sum up many of the emotions the Lakers’ faithful are feeling right now, with a nod to Gotye‘s uber-popular song ‘Somebody I Used To Know’

What should Kobe and the Lakers do?