Nike's LeBron Sneakers maybe the highest price ever?

We all know that Lebron James is having a career year, MVP, NBA and Olympic Championship and all the accolades in the world, oh well not really, but when a shoe manufacturer creates a shoe under your name and price it at $ 315, then they really have some confidence that they will sell. Nike is coming up with a $315 LeBron X Nike Plus, which will be available this fall, it is expected to come embedded with motion sensors that can measure how high players jump.That's just crazy. Who would buy this pricey signature Lebron James shoes? hmm! oh wait a minute, I know one person, oh! two people, I almost forgot my rich cousins, and their rich friends and, wait a minute! darn it, I am getting one for myself.  

LeBron X Nike Plus?
Would you buy the LeBron X Nike Plus?