Manny Pacquiao Torn Between Bradley, Marquez for November fight

Manny Pacquiao is sure that he will be fighting this November 2012, wow that is really great news for boxing fans, but wait, who will be his opponent? 

According to different sources the Philippine Pride and still the most famous Filipino today, not just a boxer is considering a fight between Timothy Bradley and his nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez, but who will it be? Timothy Bradley won over Manny Pacquiao  on his last fight and looks like the one getting the upper hand for the rematch with Pacquiao but considering that their fight was not that big of a draw, plus this time Timothy Bradley will be asking for more money, it is only right to consider a fight with the older but better Juan Manuel Marquez. 

According to my sources Timothy Bradley got 5 million the last time with just 700,000  PPV buys, this is nothing compared to his fights with Juan Manuel Marquez, so if we are talking about the financials, he should be fighting Juan Manuel Marquez again but do we really want to see that fight?

In the coming days Manny Pacquiao will make his decision and no matter who it will be , there is one thing for sure, he will be fighting with his age this November.

Manny you are not getting any younger,  fight Floyd then retire. 

Who do you think will be his opponent this coming November?