Pacquiao: Dont be Nervous, relax on fighting Marquez

Manny Pacquiao is assuring everyone not to worry about his fourth fight with his Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez on Dec. 8.

Why are they all feeling nervous when I am the one fighting and I am not even nervous?” Pacquiao told the Bulletin on Thursday afternoon as he was getting ready to work out at the gym of boxing patron Rey Golingan in General Santos City.

I am nervous of the fight not because of Juan Manuel Marquez, because Pacquiao may not really want to fight anymore. His mentality and style has change, even though he said he will be aggressive, its hard really to say after all, everything that he is saying right now is what was expected of him to say.  If you ask me though Pacquiao can still beat the hell of any fighter out there. But can he beat himself, that's the question.

Do you think Pacquiao will be aggressive on this fight?