Pacquiao-Marquez IV best fight out there - Arum

Pacquiao-Marquez IV best fight out there - Arum.  Who are you kidding? I have been a fan of boxing for awhile now and I am not going to pretend that I know a lot more that Bob Arum or Manny Pacquiao, Marquez is a good fight don't get me wrong. but is it the best fight? Well that's another question. according to a poll from website, a site that is sort of the unofficial official website of Manny Pacquiao and the boxing fans in the Philippines, Marquez was the least considered opponent compare to Bradley, Cotto and Floyd jr. If Manny loose it will surely be his last fight, actually I'm guessing,  If he wins however we can't still guarantee that he will be fighting Floyd jr which is the best fight out there! 

Article for Philstar: 

source: Abac Cordero |

By this time, Manny Pacquiao must have gone through the fight contract, with his lawyer and chief adviser by his side, and is ready to put his sought-after signature over the dotted line.

Because tomorrow, Monday in the US, the three-city press tour for Pacquiao’s fourth and hopefully last fight with Mexican nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez kicks off at Beverly Hills.

“No contract has been signed yet but I don’t see any hindrance. Manny wants the fight. Marquez wants the fight. It’s the best fight possible out there,” said Pacquiao’s lawyer, Franklin Gacal.

Pacquiao, 33, arrived in Los Angeles Friday evening with his wife, the lawyer and the gang of comedians that will join the boxing superstar in a live showing of his TV game show in the US.

Pacquiao is to sit down with Arum as soon as possible to have the fight contract sealed, signed and delivered.

Marquez shouldn’t have any problem signing as well because it’s the only fight that he really wants. He’s been dying to fight Pacquiao all his life, regardless of the fact that they’ve already fought thrice.

“The only concern is if some new demands come up. But this is not a problem. Everybody’s now looking forward to the fight on Dec. 8 in Las Vegas,” added Gacal.

It’s so difficult, almost impossible, to get to Pacquiao these days. Getting him on the other end of the line is like speaking to the President. But on Monday he’ll be around to finally answer all the questions.

What took him so long to decide? Was it all about the money? Was it because of Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Why not Bradley? And lastly, is this going to be his last fight?

“I am looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great fight. I know Manny is very excited,” Arum told after days, weeks and months of trying to put up Pacquiao’s next fight.

Arum had originally penciled Nov. 8 and then Dec. 1 as the date of Pacquiao’s return to the ring, and it was a choice among Marquez, Bradley and Miguel Cotto. But Mayweather’s name kept popping up.

It’s no secret that Pacquiao wanted Mayweather but since Mayweather, recently shown on video stacking a million dollars on a table inside a private jet, couldn’t fight this year, Pacquiao had to choose.

And he picked Marquez, his toughest customer.

Pacquiao stands to earn no less than $25 million for his fourth fight with Marquez. It’s the equivalent of almost a billion pesos, a very handsome retirement package or a hefty campaign fund.

Pacquiao is running in the May 2013 elections. He’d either seek a second term as congressman of Sarangani or shoot for the governorship. With a billion pesos, he can run for President if he wants to.

Or he can wait for the Mayweather fight, and earn something he’s never earned inside the ring.

It’s really up to him.

What do you think about the fight, are you still excited?

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