To Garnett You can be angry at me - Ray Allen

Ray Allen scored 19 points from the bench in Miami’s 120-107 win against his former team the Boston Celtics. It was the first game for the season for the Heat and the Celtics and it was intriguing as the former team mates and coach meet once again, but this time Ray Allen is on the other side. 

We already knew that the Miami Heat would most probably take the win or did we, there is really no saying because in basketball everything could happen let just say I am talking about the first game of the Lakers and the Mavericks, Lakers was the heavy favorite, turned out they are not ready to play and they lost the game against an under men Mavericks. Lakers have lost 7 consecutively including the preseason games. 

Enough about the Lakers and lets go back to the drama that unfolded during the Heat and the Celtics game. So there you are Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, former team mate now Ray Allen is just another invisible guy to Garnett as he snubbed Allen while he was acknowledging him with a tap during the game, this love story could be long. 

Allen tapped Garnett on the shoulders but received no reaction at all and other Celtics players showed little response.

“He didn’t react, but you guys know K.G.,” Allen told reporters after the game.

“Did you expect him to react? I don’t take anything from it. Kevin is an intense competitor, on the bench he is in a different world, a different zone and the five years I played with him, you just have to respect that,” he said.