Never mind Marquez counterpunching tactics - Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao does not care about Juan Manuel Marquez counter punching strategy, looks like they plan to make a war. If Roach can bring back the old Manny then they would not have any problem doing the plan.

Manny Said:

“Never mind his counterpunching tactics, which he proved very effective in our previous fights. Mapapag-aralan na natin yun,” Pacquiao said. “Ang mahirap kasi how can we lure him into coming out and slug it out.” “The answer, to my mind, is to be aggressive right at the opening bell. Not give him room to do what he best does, which is run … run … and run then counterpunch,” Pacquiao said. 

Roach Said:

“The plan is to work on looking for ways to turn the fight into a slugfest so Manny can go ahead with one of his big advantages – kill him with his power,” said Roach. “I have been telling him flat-out, Manny you’re not going to win a decision… He knows he need a knockout and we agreed on that.”

I Said:

Make it happen!