Royce White, what could have been?

With the 16th pick overall, the Houston Rocket selects  Royce White!

This may be the best highlight  of Royce White basketball career, being selected in the NBA is every ballers dream. We all must admit that Royce white got some skills to be an NBA player or perhaps a star, so you cannot blame a  team like the Houston Rockets for making that gamble even though they knew that Royce White got some Anxiety problem.

Houston Rockets a team who was trying to find their identity earlier this season made some bold moves including getting Royce white, but it looks like those picks including Royce White would be a waste as it turns out he is having problem with how Rockets are treating him.

Royce White had an anxiety problem, who is also afraid to fly. He had to make arrangements for a bus to take him to the venue during road games if possible, but he is not satisfied. Rockets Royce White as it turned out don't know how to be a professional basketball player.

According to news, he is now battling it out with the Houston Rockets management on how he should be treated and including his playing time.

Demanding  for a rookie who has not prove anything yet, Will Royce White salvage his NBA career? is it too late?

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