Bullying Filipino Fighter and Manager for money

Who is Denver Cuello? If you are a true boxing fan then you would know Mr. Excitement, yes that is his monicker. The 26 years old boxer from Binangonan, Rizal is one of Philippines up and coming boxing star, promoted, manage and train by Aljoe Jaro, Denver Cuello had won 11 fights in a row and is currently the WBC minimum weight Silver champion. 

Denver Cuello recently fought his last two bouts in Mexico to be qualified to fight for the WBC Champion belt, he won those fights. So whats the problem now?

Apparently Team Cuello agreed the first time to step aside for the amount of $25,000 and let Chinese Zhong and Mexican Martinez fight last November 24 in China for the vacant title. The WBC want's to capture the vast Chinese Market. 

Now there are reports that the Chinese promoter of Zhong, want to pay Team Cuello a step aside fee of $100,000 for Cuello to allow Zhong one voluntary title defense which was being planned with American promoter Gary Shaw in Las Vegas and that Cuello would be featured on the undercard.

However Team Cuello said once in enough!

“I don’t want a step aside fee no matter how big. We want the green and gold belt” of the WBC. 

Team Cuello Aljoe Jaro has threatened to sue Sulaiman and the WBC for a breach of a contractual commitment.

This is what you call business!  Bullying Filipino Fighter Denver Cuello for a bigger money fight! Not fair?