Kobe Bryant mentored a Dallas Mavericks player?

Superstar Kobe Bryant inspired millions of players around the world and apparently one of them is in Dallas Mavericks uniform, I bet you cannot guess who is it? According to news this guy had a bad reputation for being an immature player with a bad attitude, no its not Metta World Peace, I did mention he is from Dallas Maverick right? He is not Marc Cuban either, his not even a player. 

Chris Douglas- Roberts that is his name, I bet not all of you knew him, so is he worth it of this post? maybe not, but over the holiday he did something that is worthy of acknowledgement, he created a blog post on Tumblr thanking the Lakers and Kobe Bryant for the opportunity and being a mentor to him. Check out partial of what he wrote below.

Then out of no where, the Lakers called. They wanted me to come in and earn a spot. Once I got that call, it was made up in my mind that I’d be a Laker…The very first day I was 1 on 1 partners with Kobe. And we were going at it. Sh*t talking…elbows were thrown. To my surprise, after that first practice Kobe went to media and spoke highly of me…Kobe continued to mentor me along the way…

Then I got a call from Leon (my agent) saying they were going to let me go. They told me I played great. The numbers on the business side just wouldn’t work. It was one of the worst phone calls I’ve ever gotten…

However, I took positives away from my month with the Lakers too. I developed a relationship with Kobe Bryant. He showed me how to be a pro. He showed me real work ethic. Playing against him everyday made me so much of a better player. He understood me. He understood that its a difference in having a bad attitude and being competitive and wanting to win every drill/game. One night after a game and we were in the showers and he told me “you have no other choice. You were put here to be basketball player. You have to fight until you’re one of them boys. You’re too talented. I played behind mfers that I was better than up until my third year but I KNEW I would be who I am today then. I work too hard not to break through.” That stuck with me. So I appreciate the opportunity the Lakers gave me.       

Here is the complete version here

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