Ricky Rubio, will be a great player?!

Forget the fancy assists and the amazing plays, this kid will be a great NBA basketball player by the end of his career. 

Ricky Rubio was the youngest professional basketball player to ever play Spanish pro basketball, even before he play in the NBA, his name is well known in Spain and around the world, professional basketball player at age of 14, can you believe that?

Now at 22 years old, a second year player in the NBA and an 8 year veteran basketball player he had accomplished and overcame a lot of obstacles. While his career in Europe was certainly blossoming winning countless of best player awards such as FIBA under 18 MVP,  Euro league Rising star among others, his journey is not over.

There is nowhere else for Ricky Rubio to go than the best league in the world, the NBA. His first year was a disappointment, not because of the way he plays but because he was ravaged by an injury that can end his career. There were a lot of questions in the minds of many but certainly no doubt in the mind of Ricky Rubio. 

Now back on the court with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rubio shows promising signs of what could be the future for this young talent. Ricky Rubio certainly still has the Spanish Sensation flavor that all the fans like, Maturity of a veteran and the optimistic attitude of  a leader. 

Yeah, I like him no doubt but what's not to like? I can almost say that after this year and as long as he and his teammates are healthy he could lead the team in the playoffs. Do you want to bet?

With all said and done, no one can argue that this kid has what it takes to be a great basketball player, agree?