Pacquiao fight moved in October, Opponent will be...

Since when it was easy to negotiate fights? even with Pacquiao's two consecutive lost against Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez, he is still consider as one of boxing most marketable fighter. 

While negotiations are still ongoing for Manny Pacquiao’s boxing comeback, we have learned that his fight is now moved from September to October 2013, Bob Arum has announced this. What's uncertain is his opponent, up to right now they have not identified the opponent of Pacaquiao and I have a bad feeling that it will not be Marquez, I hope I am wrong. 

Among Pacquiao’s potential opponents are Marquez , Bradley , Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado. Manny's coach Freddie Roach however only wants a fight with Marquez. 

We will find out next week who will be the opponent? Who do you like to be Pacquiao's opponent next?