Mayweather vs Guerrero pay-per-view not really 1 million!, How much then?

According to some news Mayweather vs Guerrero reached 1 million pay per view buys, well that's great, but not everyone is buying it, literally. According to a veteran ESPN reporter who got a very reliable source Mayweather vs Guerrero fight never reached 1 million buys.

" Dan Rafael:  Absolutely yes. I am not going to get into a pissing contest with Showtime but I have good industry sources who swear on their children that this fight will not reach 1 million buys, much less be "in excess" of 1 million and I believe them. These are people with no dog in the fight who I respect and have known for many years and trust. I am told that the number right now is about 870,000 buys. It would take some major anomaly for it to gain another 110,000 plus to go over 1 million. People can believe it or not. I dont really care. If it does 870 or 1M it's not like I make an extra dime. So that's where I stand"