Jayson Castro in the NBA?!

Jayson Castro William better known in the Philippines as Jayson Castro " The Blur" , and he wasn't called the blur for nothing. Castro had come along way since he start playing professional basketball and no one can argue his contribution on the recently concluded FIBA Asia tournament that was held in the Philippines,where the Philippine team placed 2nd. Jayson Castro was chosen as the best point guard of the tournament, and that is pretty impressive for the not so tall player, he is only 5'11.

Currently Jayson Castro have a contract with his mother team Talk and Text in the Philippines, also managed by the same ownership who made the Gilas Pilipinas a possibility, but there are rumors running around that Castro is being scouted by an NBA team. Wow!, being scouted  by the NBA is already something to be proud of, not everyone gets that kind of attention and the last Pinoy player that I can think of the was scouted in the past was Jhonny Abarientos, he was one of the best point guard in the PBA. 

Let us see, so far Castro have achieved the following:

3-time NCAA Mythical 5
4-time PBL Mythical 5
3-time PBL MVP
PBL Showcase Skills Challenge Champion
Brunei Cup MVP
2-time PBA Mr. Quality Minutes Player (2008-09, 2010-11)
2010-11 PBA Philippine Cup Co-Finals MVP (w/ Jimmy Alapag)
2011 PBA Commissioner's Cup Co-Finals MVP (w/ Jimmy Alapag)
2x PBA Mythical Second Team (2010-11, 2011-12)
2010-11 PBA Most Improved Player
2012-13 PBA Philippine Cup Best Player of the Conference Award
2013 FIBA Asia Championship All-Star Selection

These are pretty impressive and while playing in the NBA will add more glitter to his already outstanding resume, the best point guard of 2013 FIBA Asia, is still one of the humblest of guy and has never elevated himself or considered himself as a the best player, he credits his team mates for making him better. He likes the idea of playing in the NBA and will definitely consider if given a chance however he is not counting on it to happen, but if it materialize he would prefer to use her Filipina Mother last name which is Castro.

Check out the radio interview below from Snow Badua as they discussed about the potential NBA gig and the possibility of playing in New York.

Do you think Jayson Castro have what it takes to play in the NBA?