Wanderlei Silva rant on hurting Sonnen Video

You would not like the Axe Murderer when he is angry, well not if you are Chael Sonnen, that's exactly what he wants, he has been begging for this fight.

Chael had been bashing Wanderlei Silva for a long time, during his post victory against Shogun Rua, he was at it again, but looks like Wanderlei draw the line and he is all upset and ready to fight,  just check out the 5 minutes video of Wanderlei just letting it all out.

Okay, did that scare you? Don't be unlike Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei is beloved by many fans around the world, who would not admire a fighter like him. You are still scare? okay watch this video below, so you can see how lovable Wanderlei could be.