We had an agreement that he will retire - Roach

Boxing for Manny Pacquiao has been a blessing, in the past it has provided him with everything that he needs and wants, today the boxing world still wants him, and there are still a lot of money to make, most especially with the new marketing strategy of Bob Arum, if he can continue to fight, he could earn a lot more fighting in countries like China, Dubai, Singapore and others, these country are willing to pay the money to see him fight for about the same amount of what he is getting in the United States. All is still great for Manny Pacquiao.

While Boxing have its arms wide open for Pacquiao, the real question would be is if Pacquiao still honestly want to box and if his body will cooperate. November he is scheduled to fight a young and hungry fighter in Brandon Rios and while most people still think that he still have what it takes to beat Rios, coach Freddie Roach has a warning for all of us.

Freddie Roach mentioned that if he see a decline and if he thinks that Pacquiao can not fight anymore he will ask him to retire in boxing, who better to analyse and advice Manny Pacquiao than his old time trainer, Freddie still believe that Manny will be faster, stronger and wiser in the ring and it would be enough to prevail on this fight, hopefully he is right. Check out the whole interview from Fighthub.

Do you think Manny Paquiao still got it?
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