Darchinyan to Donaire: I made you, ill break you!

Nonito Donaire will be fighting Vic Darchinyan again, while most think that this is a tune up fight , I say it's actually a hard and important fight, it will be essential in Nonito proving a point. We have got to remember that Nonito Donaire lost to his last fight and needs this to get back on track. Vic Darchinyan is not an easy opponent, this fighter will certainly bring it on and will unleash fury against Donaire. In fact he already is,  he mentioned that he made Donaire and he will break him.

As expected, Vic Darchinyan will try to intimidate and trash talk Donaire, but that's all he can do because Nonito Donaire looks hungry again, this would be another KO win for Donaire.

Check out the interview of the two fighters as they assess their fight on November 9.