Hakeem Olajuwon released his own brand of Shoe

We know that Hakeem Olajuwon can play, we can all agree that he can battle it out against the best of the best out there in  basketball, no way can any big man match the Dream Shake move, well that was when he was still playing the game.

Today the Dream Shake is making a move again, and it is preparing to battle it out against the big men, not in basketball but in shoe retail. Yes, Hakeem Olajuwon released his own brand of shoe called the Dream Shake, I am not sure how it will fair against the likes of Nike, Adidas and others but by the looks of it, it may need some new moves, its very old school like.

The shoes, which will cost $185.

Statement from Hakeem:

“I’m very excited to unveil the first Dream Shake shoe.”

“I’m very happy about it because for many years when I was playing I endorsed many shoe companies and I’ve always wanted to go from scratch, build my own brand,” Olajuwon said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “So I went to different sources, looking at the manufacturing, selecting the material, making sure you bring the best product to market.

"It's really a basketball shoe, but when you put it with your jeans you're fashionable, so it solves both purposes."

Check out the design below.

This looks like my grandfather's gears back in the days, check out the leader bag.

What do you think of the Dream Shake Shoe?