Top 10 NBA Plays of 2013, Guess who made it?

The 2013 NBA basketball have brought us many exciting highlights to remember but only the best would be included in the NBA top 10 plays of 2013. Do you have any guesses who made it?  

at no 10. Jamal Crawford does not know what to do with the basketball and just throw it up in the air for Blake Griffin.

9.  Who would not forget this game wining layup by Lebron in the NBA eastern finals.

8. Another game winner this time by Monta Ellis back when he was still with the Bucks

7. The NBA likes buzzer beater shots, and here is another one, this time by Jeff Green

6.  Tony Parker throws up a prayer after stumbling down

5.  Just Oh no! Lebron James humiliate Splitter

4. Paul George takes flight and leave Lebron James with dust, while killing the birdman

3. Rest in Peace Jason Terry, courtesy of Lebron James

2. Another massacre this time its by DeAndre Jordan, just look at that face

1. The turning point of the NBA Championship series between Pacers and Heat, Ray Allen's three! 

Any of your favorite plays on the list? lets watch and enjoy the greatest NBA basketball plays of 2013.

Notice, 7 out 10 of 2013 NBA best plays involved the Miami Heat, favoritism?