Manny Pacquiao can do whatever he wants, now he wants to be a coach and a professional basketball player

A lot of people knows Manny Pacquiao as a boxing champion, and while some people thinks he should stay with just boxing, nothing is stoping him from doing what he wants and achieving his goals and dreams in life.

Aside from boxing, so far he is or has been a professional actor, a singer, a businessman, an army official, a preacher, a congressman, a basketball team owner, a commercial model, a game show host, a journalist, a writer, a promoter, I know I am forgetting something.

And now he wants to fulfill his long time dream and play his most favorite sports professionally, yes he will be playing basketball in the Philippines, under the most prominent basketball league of the country.

But wait, he is not only playing, he will also be coaching! whoa! what! yes! yes! yes! and you can't do anything about it. Pacquiao is set to join KIA Motors Philippines team in the PBA.