Nonito Donaire not happy with his win! even with a knockdown, Highlights video

Nonito Donaire vs Simpiwe Vetyeka had a lot of promise as two of the best fighters collide for the WBA Featherweight super world title belt. While the fight was full of actions we knew that something is going to give and its either one of these fighter gets knockout early or the referee would stop the fight, and indeed the referee did because of the nasty cut Donaire suffered in the very first round.

Nonito Donaire with one eye had a lot of success even knocking down Vetyeka and was awarded with the Technical Unanimous Decision. The lifeless ring announcer announced that it was a 49-46 score by all of the 3 judges, but it was really impossible to score 49 since its only the 4th round and its a 10 points maximum per round.

Post interview shows a frustrated Nonito Donaire, he admitted that he was not satisfied and has proactively offered Vetyeka with a rematch.