Why was Mark Jackson fired by the Golden State?

Why do you think a good coach like Mark Jackson fired by his team? In his 3years with Golden State he turned the team to a contender, he improved the record each and every year. The Warriors finished 23-43, then 47-35 the next season and this season they were 51-31, so why is he getting fired again?

So here is the reason according to ESPN's interview with owner and CEO Lacob.

"Obviously (the decision) was not made exclusively on wins and losses," Lacob said.
Lacob compared the decision to replace Jackson to his work as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.
"There's a different CEO that may be required to achieve success at different stages of an organization's development," Lacob said. "When you're a startup company it's one thing, when you're a small-growth company it's one thing and when you're a mature company that's trying to reach a billion in sales -- or in this case win an NBA championship -- perhaps that's a different person. And we just felt overall we needed a different person."