2 Pinoys in 2014 NBA draft, Jordan Clarkson and Bobby Parks Jr, meet them

A couple of years ago Gilas player and Ginebra power forward Japeth Aguilar tried to get in the NBA. he wasn't successful. It is the ultimate hoop dream for every basketball player to be drafted in the most popular league in the world and while Japeth's hopes of becoming an NBA player is now on the side, he was able to find his place in the Philippines and have garnered recognitions playing in the local basketball league (PBA) and representing the country in various international games.

This year there are no pure blooded Filipino's in the draft but there are a couple of young ballers who are half blood and is proud to say that they have Filipino heritage. Let's  meet Jordan Clarkson and Bobby Parks Jr.

Jordan Clarkson, 6'5 guard from Missouri.

Clarkson wearing Jordan Shoes

We don't really know much about him but we read the article from Slam Online that he is proud to be Pinoy and we want to support him in his endeavors and we want you to support him and get to know Jordan Clarkson.

SLAM: Anything else you want people to know about you?
JC: I’m part Filipino and I’m looking to be the first or one of the first Filipino-Americans to play in the NBA. I know the country is backing me. I hope to be able to visit there in the future.

Source: SlamOnline

Bobby Parks Jr, 6'4 Guard/Small Forward from, NLEX Road Warriors, Philippines

Bobby Ray Parks Jr. is the son of the seven-time Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Best Import and Hall of Famer Bobby Parks.

He was named as the Most Valuable Player in Season 74 of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) men's basketball tournament.

At the end of April he travelled to Memphis to apply for the 2014 NBA Draft. Playing in the NBA is his long time dream.

Now that you know them, Let's support Jordan Clarkson and Bobby Parks Jr with their dreams to play in the NBA.

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