Heat fans left early again as their team succumbed against the Spurs

Probably the turning point of the series, this game could have well given us all a clue that the San Antonio Spurs will most probably take this all the way, and there is little to no doubt about it.

107 - 86 is the final score, not a pretty score for the Heat, but what was uglier is that their fans left them again and again even before the game is over, The Heat with their bad shooting and off night could not get extra support from the crowd. Such a pity for the Heat management, they worked so hard to get the best team and probably the best player in the league to play in a Heat uniform but they could not get the fans to stay inside the arena for what could be the last game of the season for the defending champ.

Given the fact that the game may have been already decided, still as a true fan you should at-least give respect to the players for bringing the team this far 4 years in a row, that is one heck of an accomplishment if you ask me.

When OKC lost to the Heat, fans stayed, When the Bobcats was defeated by the Heat, Charlotte cheered. So why are the Miami Heat fans leaving the game early and not waiting for the final buzzer? Who knows?  but what we all know is that they are not the best fans in the NBA.

Will the Spurs close out the series in game 5?

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