Melo or LeBron will go to Houston Rockets! We wont be surprise

Potential Breaking News: Melo ditches New York for Houston or LeBron James will take his talent to H-Town!

These could be the potential Sports headline in the next month 

LeBron and Carmelo Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets made bigger news during the last two free agency seasons than the actual season itself by signing James Harden and Dwight Howard, both still young and very talented basketball players. Daryl Morey the general manager of the Houston Rockets was credited for making it happen.

The Houston Rockets had a plan last year and they believed that the roster that they had will bring them to the new level or as they say the New age,  that was last year.

This year Daryl Morey is planning an even bigger move and that is to lure either Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James to H-Town, and if you ask us, we believe that it is close to possible.

Last year Houston loved Asik so much that they did not want to let him go but this time they are over him. Omer Asik was traded to the Pelicans for future draft pick. Chandler Parsons was one of the young talent that we thought Houston would like to hold on to, but we were wrong again. Rockets Reportedly Declined Chandler Parsons' 4th-Year Option. Next would be Jeremy Lin, they said they are committed to sticking with him but  seems apparently not.  This guy who was once a big draw at least for getting fans inside the arena and getting company to advertise with the team. Jeremy Lin's contract is 15 million this year and keeping him in the roster is a total Linsanity especially if you have a Patrick Beaverly who you can pay a lot less.

There you go, a total overhaul could happen but I am not done yet. The Rockets are so dedicated to getting LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony that I think they could be willing to trade James Harden. Apparently it's an easier way to make it happen, and don't be surprised if a trade would happen anytime soon.

NBA fans get ready for one of the most exciting pre season in the NBA.

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