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Phil "CM Punk" Brooks Sign With The UFC

The Former WWE Superstar has signed with the UFC, there has been a non stop press conference and interview regarding his decision.The two things that made us wonder when he signed was, what division would he fight in and who would be his first opponent be?Punk expected to make his Octagon debut next year.UFC President Dana White wants CM Punk to fight with like his level because he has no experience.However, Punk's good friend and UFC fighter Chael Sonnen claimed that Punk would fight a notable fighter that MMA fans would know. He could be right,as UFC Cathal Pendred claims he will be the man who faces CM Punk. He claim on his Twitter....A lot of MMA Fighter wants to have a fight with the Underdog CM Punk to kick his Ass but the Lucky Guy with lottery is Cathal Pendred.
Cathal Pendred Tweet: 
First Interview of CM Punk With Joe Rogan



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