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Joel Embiid may or may not play this season! 2015-2016

Joel Embiid

According multiple sources, Joel Embiid's right foot injury is still a question mark, if he could play or may need surgery next season

According to CSN Philadelphia, the Sixers have not ruled out Embiid needing surgery on his injured right foot. It is not clear if surgery is needed, but the fact that it hasn't been ruled out is not a good sign.

To me this should be a no brainer that they should go after a PG come draft day. Unless it is certain that Embiid might have the same injury as Zydrunas Ilgauskas which we all know could make or break Embiid's future. Ilgauskas on the other hand was able to recover fully but took its toll on him because his peak didn't last long, the good thing about Embiid, he is just 21 years old. 

Even if it would take another year for Embiid to recover and play. They don't need to worry because Russell/Mudiay and Noel will be better players by that time. 

Lets all hope for the best and keep it posted here @ powcast.net 



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