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Lakers are getting ready for next season! Who isnt?

Video from Lakernation Analyst

That's right! The Lakers they are the busiest team this season, It has been almost more than 20 years since they were able to get a top 3 pick. They have discussed if Clarkson should start or not and Lin would stay. I would say that they should keep Clarkson at the starting PG. Kobe will always be Kobe. 

The Lakers also have the cap space to sign a max player. If the Lakers pick Okafor, I could see them going after a marquee Center/ PF. They have a chance to get Aldridge/ Gasol , Roy Hibbert is on the list as well.

If Jordan Hill wont ask for a lot then getting any of the 3 players I mentioned, They will have a solid front court rotation. They just need a wing to either back up Nick Young or Kobe. 

I will now leave you guys with this question.

 What should the Lakers do to get back into Championship caliber team again?



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