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Fear The DEER! The Bucks is on the rise again!

Milwaukee Bucks

I am no way putting them on top of Cleveland but one can argue that the East may not be that weak as compared to the past seasons. Bucks will be relevant for the next couple of years at least or maybe even more. They were able to acquire Greg Monroe from the Detroit Pistons and they were able to keep Khris Middleton, both were heavily recruited around the league. The Bucks was able to reach the playoffs even without their future superstar Jabari Parker, not only that they also lost Larry Sanders due to personal issues. 

It is indeed amazing that the team of Kidd perform at a high level despite having challenges on the roster. They ended the year with 43-45 record. Now with the addition of Monroe, they were able to get a low post threat that can open up things for their shooters as well. He will also play with a good defensive player in John Henson and the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo. I believe that they have the tallest starting 5 line up this coming season.

PG - Michael Carter-Williams - 6'6 
SG - Khris Middleton - 6'7
SF - Jabari Parker - 6'8
SF - Giannis Antetokounmpo - 7'0
C - Greg Monroe 6'11

Their bench is strong as well, they were able to acquire Greivis Vasquez from Toronto that adds depth in their PG position aside from Bayless. Keep in mind they still have OJ Mayo, Tyler Ennis, Chris Copeland and John Henson. They are possibly ten deep with the roster they have. It can be compared to the Warriors but not the same players in every position of course. 

It has been said that the Bucks were irrelevant but with Jason Kidd as the coach it is safe to say that NBA Players respect for Kidd is unmatched when it comes to his ability as a player and as a coach. I won't be surprise if the Bucks will be the next year's Hawks they can be that good and maybe even better if everything fall into place.

Here is the press conference of Greg Monroe and Khris Middleton:

Monroe is happy to be a part of this organization as per this interview:

"Bucks is the best fit fore me" - Monroe

Can't wait for the next season? Keep it here and lets all enjoy the ride. 



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