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Under Armour Road Show: Stephen Curry at MOA Arena

After his media day at Fairmont Hotel, Stephen Curry delighted his fans to an Under Armour Road Show held at MOA Arena last night. Series of basketball drills were done for those aspiring athletes for both boys and girls. Curry also participated in the 3-point shootout. A 15-minute game was also made for the fans to witness Curry's signature threes, dribbling exibition, and ankle breaking moves. The NBA's reigning MVP Stephen Curry also made it sure that some of his fans go home with autographed memorabilias and a hand shake to his beloved fans who went to the MOA Arena just to see him.  The UA Road Show ended with the request from the crowd to see Curry dunking a ball. And he did not disappoint the crowd by throwing the ball towards the rim and dunks it with a bang.

Here are some pictures from Under Armour Road Show held in MOA Arena with Stephen Curry:

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank with hosts Gretchen Ho and Andrei Felix

Stephen Curry's signature shoes. Under Armour's Stephen Curry II. Available on September 07, 2015

Team Powcast - always ready for shoot

Larry O'Brien trophy is also present during Stephen Curry's trip here in the Philippines

Stephen Curry participates with the drills

Stephen Curry playing defense

Stephen Curry looking to pass and trying to inbound the ball



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