Answered prayer for " The Preacher's Daughter"

And the new!! UFC women's bantamweight champion!

Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm

Holy Holmes just shocked the MMA World by dethroning the heavy favorite and the 6th time champion Ronda Rousey.

The stunning performance happened in front of 56,214   fans Inside the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. As per the record this is thus far the highest gate attendance recorded in the history of UFC.

Just like what I have mentioned in my previous article back in Aug.
“I can’t think of anybody else in the UFC women’s division other than Joanna Jedrzejzyk who can put up a good stand up fight against Holly Holm”

Not to take anything away from Ronda Rousey who had defended the belt 6th time, Holly Holm striking skill set is on a different level.

Ronda approaches the fight with relentless pressure as if she is on a mission trying to prove everybody that she is not a one dimensional fighter.
She kept coming forward and did not prioritize her ultimate game plan of taking her opponent down and finishing by a submission.

On the other hand, Holly Holm is perfectly executing her game plan all throughout the fight; Keeping her distance and being elusive.

At some point in the 1st round Ronda was able to take holm down but failed to finish her.

Holm went back to business the moment they went back standing, landing some kicks and punches

She also took advantage of the rare opportunity to take Ronda Rousey down.

Ronda ended the 1st round with heavy breathing and bloody nose.

The 2nd round; Ronda Rouse still confidently putting pressure on the challenger until Holm landed a clean left straight that put Ronda in unstable position then followed by a high kick that knocked  Ronda Rousey down.

The slowmo replay shows that Rousey looks sort of unconscious for about 2-3 seconds when she hit the floor but Herb Dean didn’t stop it there and Holy Holm quickly made sure that it’s over by landing a strike and a hammer fist.

The side and oblique kicks and the elbow strike remind me of her teammate, the Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

While the footwork and the cardio play a big role in this historical fight; we must give credit to Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA Academy for preparing Holly Holmes for the biggest fight of her MMA career.

Indeed it's an answered prayer for " The Preacher's Daughter"

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