Reppin' Spartacus MMA

I caught up with Dik Lopez of Spartacus MMA as he prepares for his upcoming fight against Sandip Talwar of Yaw-Yan Batangas City  in Baliktan 14 “Heart of a Warrior” on Jan 30 at Trevi Excutive Vilage Multi-purpose hall in Concepcion Uno, Marikina.

I quickly jumped on the opportunity to ask him several questions about how he got into combats sport, his favorite striking technique, his upcoming fight and his thoughts on the next UFC fight between Pettis and Alvarez.

Dick Lopez doing mitts. 

How did you get into combat sports?

“I started with Taekwondo back in high school then after that I started looking into other type of martial arts and that’s when I discovered Muai thai and boxing

How long have you’ve been training?

“I have been doing Muay thai and Boxing since 2010”

Were you doing continues training then?

“No, but I started doing continues training in 2011 and on the following year I became a coach here (Spartacus gym)”

Could u tell us about your overall fighting style?

“I’m into kick boxing so I’m more comfortable with striking. As far as ground I’ve had 2 months of wrestling training in the past and in terms submission its fine, I have joined and won 3rd place in grappling competition which was held in Marikina”

Do you have a favorite striking technique?

“Liver lunch and the liver leg kick”

What else is keeping you busy?

“Aside from my day job, I am also a volunteer fire fighter”

Do you have a plan to pursue a professional career?

I’m planning to pursue a pro career in Kick Boxing or MMA but since I have a day job it’s hard for me to make time for training so at the moment I’m only doing amateur fights”

What is your current amateur record?

“I’ve had 4 fights in kickboxing and my current amateur record is 2-2”

 How are you preparing for your next fight?

“I just started my training. Not easy because I’m on night shift so I had to take 1 week leave from work “

What do you know about our opponent?

“I just saw his picture on the page of Baliktan and all I know about him is his weight and height”

How do you feel about your upcoming fight? Are you nervous or excited? Especially you don’t know about your opponent, how are you gonna approach the fight? Any game plan other than your favorite techniques?

“It’s a mixed feelings, I don’t know about him so I’d like to stay relax. If the liver punch and liver leg kick won’t work, I’ll just relax and figure it out there”

How do you expect to end the fight?

“I’m gonna play it clean and I won’t let it end in decision! “

Next week the fight against Anthony Pettis and Eddie Alvarez will take place, we are just curious to know your thoughts on this this fight, as a fighter yourself how do see this fight?

“I think Pettis has an edge in terms of skills and techniques”

Thanks for your time and good luck to your upcoming fight!

Dick Lopez showing how to set up a liver punch and liver leg kick.

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