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Monday Amazing Facts!: Tony Harris, Casio and etc.

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Let us start our week with a set of facts that will mesmerize you!

Lights Out!: SMB shoot 19 long bombs against Globalport
San Miguel continue to make history this season as they knocked 19 threes out of 36 tries. That is the second most in the history of their franchise and the sixth best in the history of the league. 15 of those came from Wilkerson, 7, and Lassiter, 8. Now that Wilkerson has certify himself as a legit sniper, stopping SMB in offense is much closer to impossible. 

A Trade Steal: Larry Rodriguez is already a valuable commodity before
I am pretty sure a lot of fans have been amazed by finding out that Rodriguez was being traded for 1st round picks last season. The reality is, that has been his value from the past. In one of the trades that Rain or Shine could be regretting until now, Powerade sent Larry Rodriguez to Rain or Shine for Eddie Laure and 2011 1st round pick. And that pick turned out to be Marcio Lassiter. So it was Lassiter and Laure for Rodriguez. Can you really imagine Lassiter and Paul Lee in one team. Wow!

A Legend: Remembering the scoreboard-breaking performance of Tony Harris
The most epic scoring explosion the history of the league happened in October 10, 1992. He was playing for Swift Mighty Meaty at that time and they defeated Ginebra San Miguel 151-147. In that game, it was actually a free-throw shooting exhibition as he tallied 45/53 from the charity stripes. He also sinked 27 field goals, six were three-pointers. 

The way professional basketball is being played right now, breaking that record is just a pipe dream already. Good imports with Tony Harris caliber have more options now like the Euro League and the China Basketball Association. Maybe a Filipino could break that someday. I just don't know when. 

What's happening?: How bad is Jvee Casio playing?
Jvee Casio entered the league with a lot of promise after performing very well in the Gilas 1.0. He was even part of the Powerade Tigers Cinderella team. After that though, his numbers have been on the down trend. Although a big part of it could be the role that he is playing in Coach Alex' scheme.

Back to my point, the fact that basically put an exclamation point to the regressing play of Casio is, he only did a 20+ scoring output once this season and he never exceed 5 in terms of assists. Last season, he only reached the 20 points mark once. 

Casio is still young and I do believe he can still break out from this funk.



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