Break that routine. Start a Habit. | Benefits of Sports

In our busy days, weeks and months we rarely see ourselves getting in to something that will make us forget that we are a busy person. Our daily routine goes like a cycle, we sleep, go to work, go home from work then go back to sleep and repeat.

Study shows that we are less stressed when we have at least one or two habits that can break that cycle. Going to gym alone or with friends can be the most accessible activity that you can utilize but being involved into sports during your off days or after work can make your body more active and ready for your next days at work. Exercising is a natural way to loosen up and let go of stress. Also, you will most likely make many new friends or circle of friends on the team who can be there for you as a support system. When you find you are having a lot of stress, you can call up teammates and head to the gym to talk it out and play it out.

Many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s” competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring which are considered critical components of positive youth development. Having a family involved into sports is one of the best practices or gift that you can have, playing with people who knows you as a person will be able to react easily and are sensitive to your daily endeavors.

So break that Routine! Start a Habit. Sweat it and start getting involved into sports.