Lyoto Machida admits to taking banned substance, Disappointing Fans

MMA: Lyoto Machida admits to taking banned substance, forcing cancellation of Saturday's bout against Dan Henderson.

UFC middleweight Lyoto Machida on revealed that he was taking a banned supplement . The supplement 7-Keto, which contains the substance DHEA, was the cause of his potential anti-doping violation.

“The Dragon” admitted to using a banned substance and apologized for the transgression on his Facebook page.

“I'm here to tell you that I was caught by surprise by this news. It has been very difficult for me. I've trained a lot for this fight, I've dedicated a lot with all my teammates,” Machida wrote. “I want to tell you that I really didn't know about this substance, so I listed it on my declaration form amongst everything else I was taking, and this substance was recently banned in 2016, so I take the blame for not knowing that, and I'd like to say I'm really sorry and apologize to my fans, teammates, and my family... I always try to play by the book, but unfortunately this happened.”