URCC Champion Red Romero weigh in on important issues, Support Gay MMA Fighters!

We sent the URCC Featherweight champion some optional questionnaires about important topics in MMA and in current events. Here are his responses:

Q. Who will you vote as President and why ?

Red: Duterte because I believe that this country needs change

Q. Do you think there are gay MMA fighters?

Red: Yes, I do

Q. Will you approve of Gay MMA fighters?

Red: Yes, I believe in gender equality.

Q. What do you think will ruin the MMA as a sport?

Red: I think that using MMA to harm and kill others would ruin the reputation of MMA.

Q. Do you approve of Marijuana?

Red: For medical purposes, I do however, if used illegally I obviously do not approve of it

Q. What do you think of using performance enhancing drugs in MMA?

Red: I think MMA fighters who use performance enchancing drugs do not have self-discipline. They want to be superior without training the hard way. I believe they do not want to prolong the tedious training process that is why they resort to the easy yet illegal way.