Merlito Sabillo fell short in Japan against Riku Kano

(photo:Brico Santig)

Earlier former World champion Filipino Merlito Sabillo and teenage Japanese Riku Kano clashed for the interim OPBF minimumweight title at the Bunka Center in Hyogo Japan.

Merlito "Tiger" Sabillo controlled the first 4 rounds landing both left hand and right hooks. After 4 rounds the scores were announced 40-36 twice in favor of Sabillo and 39-37 for Kano. After first four rounds Kano looked determine landing jabs and investing body shots to the Filipino.

Going to the last four rounds, Kano and Sabillo were both tired. Sabillo was looking for a one big punch throwing wild shots but Kano managed to dodged big shots from Sabillo by his footwork and speed ended up Sabillo looks very wild as he hit air often.

After 12 rounds of action two judges scored in favor of Kano 117-111 both and one judge favored Sabillo 115-113. 19-year-old Riku Kano takes a big step by capturing  the interim OPBF minimumweight title and beating the ex World champion and rated as WBO.1 minimumweight contender Filipino Merlito Sabillo.

by Ian Melodillar