Celtics Wants Everyone Including Anthony and Griffin

37 wins - 20 loss. Not a bad record for the Celtics. They are currently running second to Cleveland Cavaliers who is only 2.8 games away from them.  It's not like they need another good player to be in the playoffs this year...

But it isn't what's on the mind of the Celtics right now, and it looks like they are making the move to ensure that they stay competitive and contend in the East for a possible match up against the heavy favorite Cleveland Cavaliers. 

A lot of speculations that Celtics have been pursuing top grade NBA players including Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony. 

Adding one of those players could give Celtics the boost they need to stand a chance against the rest of the NBA teams who have seemingly created an All-Star line up in one team. 

Who would be the best fit for the Celtics?

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