Devastated Burn Soriano was Dealing with Stomach Flu Prior to the Fight

Burn Soriano's fight didn't go the way we wanted at ONE Championship 52: Throne of Tigers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 10. It was a great performance in the early round by "Hitman" against "The Vampire" Saiful Merican. The fight started with punches landing on both and led to Merican dropping after a takedown. Soriano kept an active guard throwing up his legs for possible submission. Soriano took Merican's back attempted a rear-naked choke. Merican rolled out of it but Soriano also rolled in side control into a kimura attempt. Merican escaped again that allowed him to stand up and put the pressure on Soriano. The Malaysian took top control letting loose with ground and pound and a flurry of punches until the round ends.

Soriano didn't stand up after the bell rang for the second round. Referee waved off and Merican was declared as the winner. Soriano had multiple chance to choke him out but couldn't. The Filipino gassed from working on finishing Merican.

The bantamweight revealed, following his loss to Saiful Mercan, that prior to the fight he was dealing with stomachaches or the runs and vommitting he thinks he got from eating street food, which affected his cardio a lot.

Thank you for the support. Sorry I didn't get the W. Gassed out talaga. The day itself I was puking and having a diarrhea because of the street food we ate. Anyways, bawi tayo next time.
Burn Soriano has spoken.

He can't begin to tell the Filipinos and his fans how disappointed he was. February 10 was a day to learn. It has become his biggest motivator as well. No excuses. He promised to come back harder than ever and to the daily grind.

We are going to see Burn Soriano ONE day starting up his camp for his next fight training alongside ONE heavyweight champion Brandon Vera and coach George Castro.

Thanks Ms. Apple. Sobrang nanghinayang din ako eh. Lessoned learned talaga. I'll be spending my next training camp with Brandon Vera na.
Burn Soriano incorporates into Brandon Vera's promise to bring the world-famous Alliance MMA gym to Manila to actually make it work.

Photo grabbed from Burn Soriano's IG

The Pinoy warrior wants to fight again ASAP. We all want a win, but winning feels much better when you do the things necessary to get better.

It's how the old saying go, you will learn a lot from the battles that you lose than from those which you win.

Meanwhile, who else would like to see "Hitman" added to the ONE Championship Manila card on April 21?

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