Georges St-Pierre is Officially Back! When and Who Will be His Comeback Fight?

Georges St-Pierre Profile shot
Four years ago, the 31 years old thenGeorge St-Pierre voluntarily vacated the UFC Welterweight Championship for reasons really unclear to some MMA fans. He left MMA but left the door open for a possible return.

GSP's career is one that you would call legendary. He left the game with a 25 win and 2 loss record. He had a 13 fight winning streak. A feat rarely done in a competitive nature of UFC MMA. He was the man and was considered the best of the best then.

During the span of his hiatus,  he has kept himself in shape although 2014 he suffered an ACL injury and that further delayed his return to the sports. Fast forward today, after everything has healed, finally he is coming back and it is further confirmed by Dana White the founder of UFC.

At 35 now, GSP is not the young lion that he was. The landscape in the UFC and the welterweight has changed since then.  While we have no doubt that he is still a fan favorite and can still headline a card and sell tickets, we have to ask ourselves if he is mentally and physically back to face the youngsters of the UFC.

UFC had floated the idea that he could face the winner [of the UFC 209 bout] between Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, or it could be Michael Bisping.

Who do you think he should fight next?

Watch the highlights of George St-Pierre.

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