Magic Johnson is Now in Charge of the Lakers and Wants Kobe Back?

It's a kind of Magic! And just like that, the Lakers who has a measly record this year with with 19 - 39 at the moment decided to shake things up once again but this time they got rid of the seemingly untouchable long time General Manager Mitch Kupchak and the brother of team president and governor Jeanie Buss. Google, it's true.

The Lakers needed some intervention and Magic is what the doctor ordered. Magic Johnson is a Lakers Great and having him could bring back the glory days and the showtime back to the Lakers.

Magic Johnson is now in control of the Lakers as the new President of Basketball Operations.

And one of the first things he would do and he was vocal about was to bring Kobe Bryant back not as a player but as a part of the management handling employee relations. By the way, Magic Johnson has no experience whatsoever in managing a basketball operation. Good Luck Lakers.

Was it a good move?

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